At EP Landscape we want to create beautiful, practical and engaging gardens. We strive to deal with happy, appreciative and satisfied clients.

We rely heavily on our clients input when determining their requirements and objectives. We see this as the starting point of an enduring relationship. We welcome as much visionary input as possible as this is the foundation from which we will construct your desired final product. Our landscape design and development philosophy is to listen to our clients and work collaboratively to create a captivating and serene outdoor living environment.

EP Landscape together with its network of trusted professionals and consultants is passionate about pushing creative boundaries. We thrive on our creative force and freedom of expression in delivering more than what is expected of us.

Service, and the relationship we have with our clients, is of paramount importance to the way we do business. We strive to keep the visual and aesthetic elements of our projects in synch with the surrounding areas and environment. We also strive to get our job done in a quiet, unobtrusive non-invasive way. Our staff will always respect your privacy and we guarantee trustworthiness in terms of security.

Our interaction begins by analysing the terrain and matching this up to the client's requirements. An agreement is then reached regarding the plan and the implementation of this plan. We have an experienced panel of Landscape Designers and Architects to assist us in this regard. They would address feasibility issues and would draft the initial blueprint. A timeline would be proposed and agreed upon. There will always be a continuous consultation process after the implementation of the project.
Our philosophy in the design and implementation process:
EP Landscape is emotionally invested in all our clients and their gardens. We believe in ourselves to deliver excellent products, which both parties can be proud of.