At EP Landscape we believe in selecting only the finest quality trees from our partner nurseries. A trees success and strength in life begins at the nursery during its formative juvenile stage. For this reason all EP Landscape trees come from reputable nurseries that take pride in growing beautiful investments.

The selection, placing and positioning of a tree is of utmost importance. So whether you are a home owner wanting shade for a favourite seat in the garden, or a large corporate company needing carbon footprint credentials, we will provide a full service from planning to planting and care of your trees. Our focus is always on selecting and introducing the correct specie of tree into the correct environment.


Tree Classification & Availability

Tree Name: Rhus pendulina 2 000kg
Price: price on request.

Medium semi-deciduous tree - strong and fast growth - usually with more than one trunk. It displays a soft green colour with very fine leaves. Not suited to plant close to you house, also not to park underneath, due to a very fine powder which can stain your car. Excellent as a tree to lure birds and insects, as well as providing beautiful shade. Wind and weather resistant, can deal with too much water as well as droughts.

Rhus pendulina
Tree Name: Nuxia floribunda 1 000kg
Price: price on request.

This is a medium sized, hardy tree with beautiful white flowers in autumn. It lures bees and other insects with those hundreds of small flowers' nectar. Therefore many smaller birds of prey will occupy your garden. It will very quickly indicate that it needs water (the leaves will tell you), but after half an hour of watering it the leaves will be upright again. After about 1 year the tree will be very resistant against droughts and wind.

Nuxia floribunda
Tree Discription: Ficus nitida 1 000kg
Price: price on request.

This is a foreign fig tree which grows very big. The roots are the least aggressive of all mainstream ficus trees, but still plant it at least 5m from your house!! The leaves are small and soft with a light green colour, the small figs lure birds and monkeys and it's also a great tree for adventurous kids who like climbing tree. This may keep the kids away from their playstations and TV.

Ficus nitida
Tree Discription: Combretum erythrophyllum 1 000kg
Price: price on request.

Fast grower, grows rampant in (not during summer) with the most beautiful colours from red to yellow in autumn and winter. The advantage of this semi-deciduous tree is that the cold of winter will determine how many trees will be shed. One winter it may shed a lot and during another winter you may have a red tree, although during the next winter you may have a half empty tree with more yellow and less leaves. Therefore every year is a surprise, all depending on the coldness of winter. This tree loves water so they'll flourish next to rivers or dams, but they can also withstand wind and droughts. It grows very fast up to about 10 m, depending on the area. Also lures many birds.

Combretum erythrophyllum
Tree Discription: Ficus natalensis 1 000kg.
Price: price on request.

This tree grows quite fast into a large tree and is very adaptable (drought, water, small, sand, wind). It forms beautiful hanging roots (sky roots) and it will tear your house in two if it's planted to close to the foundation. Its aggressive roots lends it to a very interesting trunk (where the tree goes into the ground), as the tree grows older. It's a great tree for camps where you keep wild animals or just far away from a house. Good shadow and lures many birds.

Ficus natalensis